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Suggested resolution of the outstanding competitions from the 2019-2020 season

As members will be aware, we have four outstanding competitions remaining in the postponed 2019-2020 club programme: Print 3, Outings/Portraits, Panorama and Set Subject. Whilst these events inevitably have to postponed for the next few months at least, I have been considering the ways in which the competitions can be judged properly by the original judge (or substitute) in a way which gives members the chance to hear the judges’ comments about the images/prints, and which is an important part of the assessment process. Although it would be possible to have the images, particularly the PDIs, assessed by a judge and the results returned to members via myself, this would deprive us of the critiques from the judges.

Therefore, to allow for a proper judging session, and being mindful of the fact that the programme for the coming season has already been finalised, I have proposed the following solution which the committee have agreed:

1. Assuming that some degree of normality returns by September, the four competitions in question will be judged over the period September to late November by the original judge on a night other than a regular club night, i.e. this will not be on a Tuesday. The dates will have to be finalised nearer the time and will be dependent upon the availability of the judge and also upon the availability of the room at the Duke of Wellington.
2. Also, we need to consider the question of the presentation evening which normally finishes the season. I have proposed that the presentation evening now take place on the evening of the Christmas party; so still the usual presentation evening with associated socialising (we’ll need it by then!), but with added tinsel.

The judges for Print 3 (Joseph Duffy) and Set Subject (Richard Spiers) have already agreed to this proposal and the judge for the panorama competition (me) is also happy with the idea. The judge that we had lined up for Outings/Portraits had to withdraw a couple of weeks ago due to health reasons and I had been unable to arrange a replacement at short notice, so as things stood last week, I was going to be judging this competition as well; a delay would give me time to find a replacement judge if our original choice is still unavailable later in the year.

As the panorama competition is due for judging by me, could I ask that you do not send you PDI entries to me yet. We normally have another committee member who collects the entries on my behalf and who does the usual anonymising and randomising as well so that I am judging ‘blind’. I’ll forestall the jokes about blind judges…… Maggi will let members know when entries for this competition can be sent, and to whom, in the next few days once I have found a committee member who will volunteer for this ‘simple’ task.

I have the entries for Print 3 and the prints for the Portrait competition available and will retain these safely for the present time so that they can be part of the judging evenings later in the year. Any of these prints which are required for the NCPF annuals I will pass to David Brown for entry, and we will ensure that they are promptly returned for judging in the extra sessions in the autumn. At the time of writing this (7:30pm on Tuesday 17th), the NCPF annuals are still going ahead, but they are having a meeting about this tomorrow evening (18th) to review the decision. Two of the three judges have pulled out, and although the judging is carried out without an audience in the large Clara Vale Hall, there is considerable doubt as to whether club reps would travel from places from Teeside, Cumbria and point in between to deliver the prints on the Saturday and return the next day to collect them in the circumstances. An added complication is that the Clara Vale Hall committee may close the hall anyway before then.

Should anyone wish to collect their prints before then, let me know (email address is on the 2019-2020 programme card) and I will arrange for their return.

Peter Maguire[i][/i]