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Coronavirus update: A Message from the President

You will know that, in common with many clubs and other groups, the club committee has had to make some tricky decisions over the last few days as to how to handle the implications of the Coronavirus epidemic.

In the end there seemed little choice other than to cancel all formal club activities for the rest of the season. This includes trips. At this time no-one can predict how long the forced shutdown will last, so we’ve had to put the summer training programme on hold as well.

As the exhibition needs a lot of advance planning, we’ve also decided to cancel plans to hold it this summer as we can’t predict the status of the virus at that time.

You’ll soon be notified of our plans to overcome the organisational problems which the shutdown will cause especially to competitions, the AGM and the Presentation Night. If you currently have a club trophy please just keep it safely for the time being.

We know how much many members value the social interaction of club meetings, and we’re currently working on ways in which club members can continue to interact virtually, so we’ll be announcing these in the near future. We’ve had some useful suggestions already but if you have any ideas of your own please let Maggi know and we’ll consider them.

Stay safe and we hope you can enjoy the opportunity to get on with things for which there’s normally insufficient time, without getting cabin fever. Going out to deserted places with our cameras sounds a good plan!

With best wishes to you all.

David Cottrell