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President's Prattle: Northumberland Coastal Path

Tonight there was one of the many changes to this year’s programme, by force of circumstance. The whole evening was given over to our well-known external competitions secretary, David Brown, to relate the story of his walk from the Tyne Bridge to Berwick. David had originally intended to do the whole walk in one go (with suitable nightly stops of course), but planning this proved to be impractical, especially as he wished to choose the weather for each day to help ensure good photographic opportunities, so it was done in several stages.

David had also hoped originally to be accompanied on the whole walk by Kenny Hannard, but sadly owing to the unfortunate development of a hernia Kenny was only able to accompany him on the early stages. Nevertheless, Kenny still provided some practical help with transport at certain points when neither public transport nor the use of David’s own car to and from a stage was feasible.

David’s presentation was fascinating and very well illustrated indeed. Each stage was first shown on a map, with descriptions of the terrain, followed by a series of super photos of the landscape and naturally (David being David) lots of impressive photos of birds and other wildlife. He delivered it with panache and humour as is his wont. It was clear that he had put a great deal of effort into preparing the talk, for which the club is very grateful.

David Cottrell