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President's Prattle: 3 Men in Snowdonia and Maggi’s Group Presentation

There was a slight change of plan for tonight’s meeting. David Brown’s report on the Northumberland Coastal Path walk had been postponed to 10th March, with the extended presentation from Maggi’s group replacing it this evening.

The “3 men in Snowdonia” were our well-known members, Arjun Nambiar, Peter Maguire and David Brown who visited the area last April. Arjun introduced their presentation, showing maps and 3-D photos from the Ordnance Survey and Google Maps: many of us weren’t aware of how excellent these apps are nowadays. Following this we were shown another of Arjun’s fabulous AV presentations on their trip. This included some amazing views of the scenery, shot by the three members of the trip and including drone and GoPro footage by Arjun. There were some fun little clips of candid chats between the intrepid three as they progressed on their hike and we also heard about Peter’s unfortunate episode when he twisted his ankle (although the actual moment of this incident wasn’t recorded on film!). For me the real highlight was the collection of photos taken at Dinorwic Slate Quarry: I strongly suspect that some of these will be entered into our Set Subject Competition this year (on dereliction) and I’ll be very surprised if they don’t do well!

Next up was a double-act presentation by Maggi and Michael Shepherd on their Group Challenge: they’d been so keen to go out all over the place as a group that they couldn’t possibly fit their presentation into last week’s session! There were seven in the group, and their group title had been hard to choose. They had considered calling themselves a variety of names, including Secret Seven, Magnificent Seven, Soporific Seven (surely not?), Sweaty Seven, Maggi’s Angels or Maggi’s Devils. Probably any of these could have been appropriate but in the end they chose “Six plus One”, as they’d started off as six but then welcomed a new member part way through the year. They showed their “teacher training” in that they defined their aims, objectives and strategies at the start, wanting to cover a range of topics and to include assisting less-experienced members with camera technique and post-processing. Following their Powerpoint introduction, they presented a big collection of stunning photos they’d taken as follows: Monochrome Blyth, Castles, Farne Islands, College Valley, Effects and finishing with Blyth Beach Huts.

This was yet another very enjoyable and interesting session, run by our own members.