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President's Prattle: Group Presentations

Tonight was our long-awaited Groups Presentation for this year: we had 5 groups of about 6 members each who chose a topic and, over the last several months, met and went out to take photos on their chosen theme. Each group was allowed approximately 15 minutes to make their presentation.

Harry McAtominey’s Group had chosen Sports Photography, and Harry presented this as a Powerpoint and then an Audio-Visual presentation. They’d used a wide range of techniques, including panning, high-speed burst shooting, dynamic framing, freeze-motion, high vantage point and differential focus. They’d been to a variety of sports including the Great North Run, judo, canoeing, rugby, snooker, greyhound racing, horse jumping, motorcycle and car racing, etc. The quality of the photos was exceptional – and they’re not easy to take!

Nick Lambert’s Group had chosen the “Streetwise” topic, and had clearly had great fun going round Newcastle and elsewhere capturing amusing, quirky and candid shots. Shots with coincidental juxtapositions featured frequently in their presentation and raised lots of laughs in the audience. The bravery (or cheek?) of the photographer(s) taking some of the somewhat risky candid shots was impressive.

Peter Maguire/Norman Cooper’s Group had settled on taking abstract photos, and what a fascinating and varied range of shots they’d produced! Quite correctly, they started with a definition of an abstract image – “Existing as an idea, feeling or quality, not as a material object” which set the scene nicely. They presented their photos under three headings – Architecture, Nature and Composite. The variety and quality of the images was, once more, impressive.

Next came Bob Campion/Mags Atkinson’s Group with a presentation entitled “The Big River – The Many Faces of the Tyne”. This had involved taking photos of the river from its source to its mouth. They began with information about the history and geography of the river, leading on to separate sections of their presentation on different aspects. So the main headings were: Through Countryside, Through Town & City, To the Sea, Crossing the Tyne (somehow a photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge slipped in next to the Tyne Bridge image!), Business & Industry, Art & Leisure. Another excellent series of photos.

Finally my Group presented “Hidden Gems of Northumberland, showcasing many of the lesser-known landmarks and places of interest. We’d been out on three separate trips, visiting churches, derelict buildings, ancient stone circles and cup-and-ring stones, modern iron sculptures, waterfalls and even a long narrow cave (“Cateran Hole”) which required an 8-mile round trip hike from Old Bewick over hills to reach (and which wasn’t easy to find). Arjun Nambiar, one of the group, had kindly distilled the experience into an Audio-Visual presentation incorporating his drone and GoPro footage along with commentary from some of the group members.

This was a very enjoyable, fascinating and entertaining evening with some fabulous photographs on display. What’s more, all members of the groups had clearly had a whale of a time and also got to know each other better. Thank you to all involved for your energy and enthusiasm in making this a success.