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President's Prattle: Visit from Cramlington Camera Club

Following our visit to Cramlington Camera Club a year past October, when we did our best to entertain them with presentations by some of our members, this time it was the turn of several members from Cramlington to come to entertain us. And entertain us they certainly did – royally!

The evening began with one of their members showing us some magnificent prints which he’s produced following his travels to lots of places around the world. He’s particularly interested in the varied bird life in different countries and he was even able to amaze the keen “birders” in our club with the variety and quality of his photos. What’s more he coped brilliantly with the difficulties we experienced with our new print stand which we’d not managed to erect quite correctly and which attempted to take a dive onto the floor on more than one occasion!

After this, we were treated to an entertaining and very instructive talk, along with an excellent practical demonstration, on the optimum way of taking stitched panorama photos. Ideally the nodal point of the camera lens should not move while the camera is rotated for the series of photos to be taken, as otherwise weird parallax effects can ensue and large gaps appear along the edges of the stitched result. This means that a tripod is required, but with an additional piece of equipment. It’s possible to buy this add-on for £2-300, but we were shown that by purchasing two cheap accessories, and using them together, the cost can be brought down to less than £30. Very useful advice!

Next up was a series of Audio-Visual presentations, on the “Tyne at Night”, “Flying Machines”, “Brandling How to Do it” (Photoshop techniques to overlay old and new photos of the same scene) and “The Northumberland Coast”. These had all been put together superbly.

The evening finished with a further demonstration of photos taken around Newcastle, to match the “tripod holes” of photographers who long ago took photos which are now in the city archives. It was fascinating to see the changes. Apparently the hardest recent photo to take had required standing in the middle of Dean Street and avoiding being run over – apparently this was tricky even at 4am!

Altogether this was a very enjoyable, entertaining and instructive evening. Many thanks indeed to our friends at Cramlington.

David Cottrell