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President's Prattle: Judging of Prints #2 Competition

It was lovely to see a big turnout for the first meeting of the year, giving me the opportunity to wish so many members a very happy, healthy and successful year.

Stephen Fowler, of Ryton & District Camera Club, kindly came along to judge our mono and colour prints. Stephen is a very experienced photographer and judge, having been a member of Ryton club for about 30 years and having been a judge for the last 9 years as well as being on the NCPF judges’ committee. So we expected some very insightful comments and we were certainly not disappointed.

We’d given Stephen a hard task as he had 94 prints to judge, but somehow he managed to get through them all in a little over an hour and a half without appearing to be rushed and without skimping over any of the entries. His comments were thoughtful and constructive, showing one of the hallmarks of an experienced judge in that he “discussed” possible improvements rather than being dogmatic about his suggestions.

Stephen was very complimentary about the overall quality of the photos, and personally I think that our current standard is very high indeed.

The results were as follows:

1st: "Resting Red Fox" by Don Smith
2nd: "Bracken" by Peter Maguire
3rd: "Rocks in Surf" by Idse Herrema

1st: "Fail on the Dive, Pass on the Pose" by Arjun Nambiar
2nd: "Above Kandersteg" by Idse Herrema
3rd: "Great Spotted Woodpecker" by David Brown