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President's Prattle - Christmas Party!

Our first Christmas party since our move to the Duke of Wellington was a great success. The evening began with one of Ian Woodrow’s famous quizzes, which certainly had us taxing our brains to answer the questions and to identify photographs of various celebrities and personalities. There was a momentary glitch resulting in an issue with the adding up, which meant that the wrong team (of which I myself was a member!) was initially announced as the winning team, but that was quickly sorted with good grace.

There followed the buffet served by the pub staff, and I think everyone would agree that it was as least as good as those we used to have at The Millstone: I know that I was wishing that I’d had a smaller snack before I left home so that I could eat more of it!

We then turned to Kenny’s construction challenge. These are always great fun: we’d all been encouraged to bring a selection of recyclable packaging and newspapers but we had no idea what we were going to be asked to make - it turned out that we had to make a model of an animal in its natural surroundings. Most of us took a little longer than was originally planned, but it was accompanied by a lot of hilarity and I have to say that some of the constructions showed a great deal of ingenuity.

In amongst everything else, David Brown had brought along a challenge – a tin in which he’d been collecting odd bits of change for a long time. We all had to guess how many coins it contained, and the value of them. Needless to say the estimates varied widely.

Several of us had brought along a Secret Santa gift (Maximum value £10), and those of us who’d contributed were able to pull out a present at random.

As usual, we arranged to collect donations to our current charity (The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation) in lieu of giving each other Christmas cards, and as I write the total raised is £137 – thankyou to everyone who donated for your generosity..
Finally we had the raffle, for which Ian Woodrow had arranged some nice quality prizes.

The Club would like to thank everyone who was involved in the arrangements at all – I can’t mention everyone by name but we must include Ian Woodrow, Kenny and Maggi who worked very hard on the night (and before), but also those who came along at 6pm to help arrange the room or to set up things. We’re also grateful to the pub staff who were really friendly and helpful, they even manned the bar in the room for a couple of hours which was a big help.

I was very pleased to be able to close the party by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. The Club has a 2-week break over Christmas, the first meeting of 2020 being on 7th January.

David Cottrell