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President's Prattle: Judging of Knockout and Newcomers’ Competitions

The Knockout Competition has to be one of my favourite nights of the year, as it’s a really fun session. Club members can submit up to three digital photos each – we had 81 this year. A special computer program then randomises them into pairs and projects these pairs one after the other. For each pair we take a vote (by a show of hands) as to which is the better of the two: this one goes through to the next round to be paired with another “winner” from the first round, and so on until eventually only two are left for the final vote.

There were several very close votes as there were lots of super entries, but eventually the competition was won by Mark Keville with a beautiful photo of a wood in the mist with a cyclist riding across, entitled “Autumn in the Park”.

Ron Henry had kindly officiated on the computer for the knockout competition in Peter Maguires’s absence, and we were very grateful that he then proceeded to apply his expertise to judge the 27 entries in the Newcomers’ competition. The standard of entries was extremely high which bodes very well for the future of the club. The results were as follows:

1st place: Mark Hunter with “Emotions in Flames”
2nd place: Paco Ruiz with “A Rare Moment of Kindness”
3rd place: Michael Wilson with “Fishing on the Tyne”

Highly Commended:
Rebecca Wilson with “Holehird Gardens” and “Dusk on the Tyne”
Geoff Forrester with “Fungi”
Mark Hunter with “Paws for Thought”

Mark Hunter with “The Metro Home”
Geoff Forrester with “Derwentwater”
Paco Ruiz with “Summer Sunset”
Lily Chen with “Ink Landscape”

Well done to all who entered but especially to all these winners and commended entrants.