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President's Prattle: Photoshop training

Tonight we had the postponed Photoshop training session, initially programmed for 22nd October. Bob Campion had arranged for five of us each to take 15 minutes to demonstrate a variety of Photoshop techniques – it was planned not so much as a teaching session (that would have taken far longer) but more as a way of demonstrating the sort of tweaks which Photoshop (and similar programs) can produce.

I was asked to begin the session, and chose to demonstrate the “Pep Ventosa” technique of producing a sort of impressionist water-colour effect by taking several photos of the same object (eg a tree) from different angles and merging them using layers in Photoshop. I also demonstrated a way of converting a single photo into a “mirror-box” effect.

Joan Hall followed me with an excellent demonstration of using clipping masks in Photoshop. This is a technique of which I was previously unaware but produces very effective results – I’ll certainly use it in some future projects.

Arjun Nambiar showed how one’s work can be streamlined when performing a repeated set of tweaks on a series of photographs by using Photoshop’s “Actions” facility: one click can then trigger the program to undertake the same series almost instantaneously. He also showed the use of gradient maps.

This was followed by Peter Maguire showing how to control saturation in one’s photographs; he then introduced us to the use of “high pass sharpening”, a technique of sharpening photos which produces fewer artefacts than simple techniques.

Bob Campion rounded off the session with a demonstration of creating a sunset effect, followed by the use of luminosity masks.

Many thanks to my colleagues who took part in the evening, and especially to Bob for coordinating it.