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President's Prattle - Joan Hall: "Behind the scenes of Fantasy Fashion Photography"

We were all looking forward to Joanne Coates coming tonight to give us her presentation on “Island Living, Rural Life and Fishing – a Photographic Journey”, which had to be cancelled early in October when she was taken into hospital at short notice. Unfortunately however in spite of our programme secretary Kenny’s careful communication with her, she had got the dates mixed up so that we found out with about 20 minutes’ notice that she couldn’t come today either.

We were incredibly fortunate however that Joan Hall just happened to have in her bag a memory stick containing a presentation which she’d given at Newcastle College yesterday! She very kindly agreed to repeat this presentation (in suitable modified form) to save the day – with almost no notice at all.

She did an absolutely magnificent job. She started with a brief introduction, explaining how she ended up moving from the fashion world into photography after her horrible road accident several years ago when her car was run over by a huge truck. She then proceeded to talk about, and show photos and a video of, the creative fantasy photoshoots which she loves doing. She gave us an insight into how much work and planning is involved in getting everything to work out right on the day (or sometimes not quite right – through no fault of her own – weather, light and tides can be a nuisance!). We were all very impressed indeed at how she manages to make amazing dresses for her models on a shoestring – I don’t know how she has the patience to do this as they must take weeks of her time to finish. Having had the pleasure of helping on a few shoots I know how superb they are. Predictably she was modest about her achievements as always, giving due praise to the models and the teams who work with her on the shoots.

Several members raised interesting questions afterwards, which Joan was happy to answer.

So what could have been rather a disastrous meeting turned a very successful, interesting and enjoyable evening. Thank you again, Joan.