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President's Prattle: "My View of the World"

We were really lucky this evening to have Phil Benton to come to give us his talk and show us some fabulous photos. Phil only took up photography 10 years ago but has developed it into a successful professional career – not easy these days - selling lots of photos on-line and at a variety of venues around the region. He produces photos in all sorts of formats including glass chopping boards(!) as well as more-conventional prints.

Phil has a penchant for unusual photos and quirky angles. His first photo was of the rear of one of Anthony Gormley’s figures on Crosby beach, so he altered his title somewhat to “My Rear View of the World”. He also included a fun Photoshopped photo of the Angel of the North sinking beneath the sea. Many of his other photos were more conventional, although often taken from unconventional angles, and he stressed the importance of not always thinking that landscape photos should be taken with a wide angle lens, or indeed in “landscape” format. He’s happy to break camera club judges “rules” – when appropriate of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and was pleased that he was able to stay back for a while for a (non-alcoholic) drink in the bar and a chat with some of our members. I’m pleased to report that he reckoned that we’re a friendly club – and he certainly seemed to appreciate a degree of audience participation during his talk. Another very successful evening.

David Cottrell