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President's prattle: Results of PDI Competition Round 1 (judge: Dave Murrell)

This evening we had the judging of our first PDI competition of the season, postponed from 8th October as the judge had found himself unavailable then. Dave Murrell did an excellent job of providing astute and relevant comments on all the entries, ensuring that he included lots of helpful and constructive comments where appropriate: even though I hadn’t entered any photos myself (I’d been too busy preparing my president’s talk at the time!) I learned several useful tips myself. It was particularly interesting that he repeated a tip given last week by Richard Spiers, that sometimes a photo can be improved by simply flipping it horizontally (provided that it doesn’t contain any clues that this has been done!).

Dave was very complimentary about the overall standard of the entries, which was nice for the club to hear. He gave several entries “Commended” or “Highly Commended” awards. The three winning entries were:

1st: “It’s a Scary World out There” by Peter Maguire
2nd: “Canna” by Barry Skipper
3rd: “The Guitar Man” by Peter Maguire

Congratulations to both Barry & Peter – but specially to Peter for taking 1st and 3rd places!

David Cottrell