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President's prattle: Print Assessment - Beaufort Images

A change of programme for tonight’s meeting had been announced a few weeks ago, as the judge scheduled to present the results of our first Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition of the year had found that he was unable to attend tonight. The judging was therefore postponed to 22nd October as part of a 3-way swap.

So the assessment by members of the Special Subject images sent by our sister club in Beaufort, South Carolina, was moved forward to this evening from 19th November. (Currently both clubs agree to use the same subject in any year – this time it was “Simplicity”). Members sat round tables in groups of approximately 6, and prints of the images were circulated for members to assess (the Beaufort club had sent the 15 of their images which had been rated as best in their judging). There was much discussion within the groups, and a note-taker was “volunteered” in each group to jot down a summary of their comments. Subsequently a plenary session was held, in which selected comments were read out by the group scribes.

After that, the images were projected one by one and a show-of-hands vote was taken as to the best one – each member had only one vote. Although the comments made by the groups had shown considerably variation from one another, two of the images received many more votes than the others. The winning picture was an abstract, entitled “Ocean” and in 2nd place was “Foggy Morn”.

The Beaufort club had already judged our 15 best images, and had sent their results along with ribbons for “Honorable Mention” images and 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The results were announced and the winning members were presented with their ribbons as follows:

1st: Margaret Daley with “White Narcissus”
2nd: Peter Maguire with “Evening Light North Sea”
3rd: Anne Henry with “Forks”

Fred Lowes with “A Reed Reflection”
Joan Sheppard with “Milky Way”
David Cottrell with “Mist over Derwentwater”

David Cottrell