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President's Prattle: A last-minute programme change!

At about 5.30pm, 2 hours before our meeting was due to start, we received a message that our planned visiting speaker had been taken into hospital that day. Whoops – panic!

After a few hurried text messages, club stalwarts Ron Henry and Peter Maguire kindly came to the rescue. Peter brought a CD containing a series of images from international photography salons, and he and Ron gave some pertinent and fascinating comments about them, “on the hoof”, with audience participation too.

Subsequently Ron showed one of his splendid AV presentations about his cruise round New Zealand.

So in the end everyone seemed to enjoy the evening after all. Many thanks to Peter and Ron, and to those members who added comments about the photos – and in fact to all members for accepting the need for an urgent change of programme.

David Cottrell