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Vice-presidential prattle: The House of 100 Windows

Keith Suddaby of Morpeth Camera Club was our first external speaker. Keith presented his talk on the House of 100 Windows.

The title turned out to be a metaphor for how we see things in our own minds eye and how this can be used to frame and compose our images. Keith commenced with how his father, a graphic artist and designer, had a vision for most images before he took them, and Keith has taken this further through his photographic work over many years.

In particular, Keith looks to simplify most images, often through cropping but also with an almost forensic eye for what is extraneous to the scene. He present a number of images taken over the years and then showed us the resulting prints, often using lithographic techniques, to give some lovely subdued images.

Another good evening at the start of the programme.

Harry McAtominey - 11th Sept 2019