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Vice-presidential prattle: the President's night

The season kicked off with our President, David Cottrell, presenting an informative lecture on the how the eye and the camera see things, sometimes the same, but sometimes differently, and how we as photographers can exploit this. Given that David was previously an eye surgeon, he spoke with some knowledge of exactly how the eye functions, and how different parts of the retina have different resolution and focusing capabilities. A key part of this was that the camera sees the complete scene instantaneously, whereas the eye tends to wander around the image, and build up the whole image in a series of "takes".

David also showed in a very entertaining video how our concentration on particular things mean we can completely miss what is in front of our eyes, graphically illustrated by showing a video in which a gorilla made a surprising entrance, and over half the audience didn't spot it!
Even more surprising was that no-one in the audience spotted that the backdrop had changed colour and that one participant had completely exited the video.
Fascinating stuff.

An extremely illuminating start to the season which bodes well for the programme ahead.

Harry McAtominey - 11th Sept 2019