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Suggested resolution of the outstanding competitions from the 2019-2020 season


As members will be aware, we have four outstanding competitions remaining in the postponed 2019-2020 club programme: Print 3, Outings/Portraits, Panorama and Set Subject. Whilst these events inevitably have to postponed for the next few months at least, I have been considering the ways in which the competitions can be judged properly by the original judge (or substitute) in a way which... ...more

Coronavirus update: A Message from the President


You will know that, in common with many clubs and other groups, the club committee has had to make some tricky decisions over the last few days as to how to handle the implications of the Coronavirus epidemic.

In the end there seemed little choice other than to cancel all formal club activities for the rest of the season. This includes trips. At this time... ...more

President's Prattle: Northumberland Coastal Path


Tonight there was one of the many changes to this year’s programme, by force of circumstance. The whole evening was given over to our well-known external competitions secretary, David Brown, to relate the story of his walk from the Tyne Bridge to Berwick. David had originally intended... ...more

President's Prattle: Judging of Nature Competition


This evening we welcomed Mike Allport to the club to judge our nature competition. Mike had kindly come all the way from Wooler, where is the current president of Wooler and District Camera Club.

Mike has worked in outdoor education for over 30 years, so he has an extensive knowledge of... ...more

President's Prattle: 3 Men in Snowdonia and Maggi’s Group Presentation


There was a slight change of plan for tonight’s meeting. David Brown’s report on the Northumberland Coastal Path walk had been postponed to 10th March, with the extended presentation from Maggi’s group replacing it this evening.

The “3 men in Snowdonia” were our well-known members... ...more

President's Prattle: Judging of PDI3 Competition


Tonight, Lynda Golightly of Consett and District Photographic Society came to judge our 3rd PDI competition of the year. This is an open competition, and the range of subjects and genres was very wide making for a fascinating evening.

In spite of us recently reducing to two the number of submissions allowed per member, there were... ...more

President's Prattle: Group Presentations


Tonight was our long-awaited Groups Presentation for this year: we had 5 groups of about 6 members each who chose a topic and, over the last several months, met and went out to take photos on their chosen theme. Each group was allowed approximately 15 minutes to make their presentation.

Harry McAtominey’s Group had chosen Sports Photography, and Harry presented this as a Powerpoint and then an Audio-Visual presentation. They’d used a wide range of... ...more

President's Prattle: Pecha Kucha Evening


A Pecha Kucha evening has been a regular item on our annual programme for a few years now. The concept (the name means “chat-chat”) originated in Japan in February 2003, from a desire to “talk less”: it’s a format where multiple presenters show... ...more

President's Prattle: Visit from Cramlington Camera Club


Following our visit to Cramlington Camera Club a year past October, when we did our best to entertain them with presentations by some of our members, this time it was the turn of several members from Cramlington to come to entertain us. And entertain us they certainly did – royally! ...more

President's Prattle: Kenneth Moore - “Arches and Canyonlands (Utah)”


This was the second of two consecutive presentations by some of our own members: this week our Treasurer, Kenneth Moore, showed that his skills lie more than just in finance. About 3 years ago he’d been on a camping/hiking expedition in... ...more

President's Prattle: Nick Lambert - “Argentina and Chile”


This was the first of two consecutive presentations by some of our own members: this week Nick Lambert gave us a superb virtual tour of his trip to the far reaches of South America. The photos were... ...more

President's Prattle: Judging of Prints #2 Competition


It was lovely to see a big turnout for the first meeting of the year, giving me the opportunity to wish so many members a very happy, healthy and successful year.

Stephen Fowler, of Ryton & District Camera Club, kindly came along to judge our.. ...more

President's Prattle - Christmas Party!


Our first Christmas party since our move to the Duke of Wellington was a great success. The evening began with one of Ian Woodrow’s famous quizzes, which certainly had us taxing our brains to answer the questions and to identify photographs of... ...more

President's prattle: An Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography


We were treated this evening to a fascinating presentation by Gary Lintern on night photography, including lots on photographing the night sky. Gary is a local professional photographer with qualifications and a wealth of... ...more

President's Prattle: Judging of PDI#2 Competition: Cityscapes


This is our second year of having a broad theme for our PDI#2 competition – the theme chosen by members at the AGM this time was “Cityscapes”.

We were really lucky to have John Gravett over from Keswick to judge the competition. John has a vast experience of... ...more

President's Prattle: Judging of Knockout and Newcomers’ Competitions


The Knockout Competition has to be one of my favourite nights of the year, as it’s a really fun session. Club members can submit up to three digital photos each – we had 81 this year. A special computer program then randomises them into pairs and projects these pairs one after the other. For each pair we take a vote (by a show of hands) as to which is... ...more

President's Prattle: Photoshop training


Tonight we had the postponed Photoshop training session, initially programmed for 22nd October. Bob Campion had arranged for five of us each to take 15 minutes to demonstrate a variety of Photoshop techniques – it was planned not so much as a teaching session (that would have taken far longer) but more as... ...more

President's Prattle - Joan Hall: "Behind the scenes of Fantasy Fashion Photography"


We were all looking forward to Joanne Coates coming tonight to give us her presentation on “Island Living, Rural Life and Fishing – a Photographic Journey”, which had to be cancelled early in October when she was taken into hospital at short notice. Unfortunately however... ...more

President's Prattle: "My View of the World"


We were really lucky this evening to have Phil Benton to come to give us his talk and show us some fabulous photos. Phil only took up photography 10 years ago but has developed it into a successful professional career – not easy these days - selling lots of... ...more

President's prattle: Results of PDI Competition Round 1 (judge: Dave Murrell)


This evening we had the judging of our first PDI competition of the season, postponed from 8th October as the judge had found himself unavailable then. Dave Murrell did an excellent job of providing... ...more

President's prattle: Ray Cole Memorial Lecture


Richard Spiers: “Composition and Working with Light”

We can always rely on Richard Spiers to “give us our money’s worth” when he visits the club, and this evening was... ...more

President's prattle: Print Assessment - Beaufort Images


A change of programme for tonight’s meeting had been announced a few weeks ago, as the judge scheduled to present the results of our first Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition of the year had found that he was... ...more

President's Prattle: A last-minute programme change!


At about 5.30pm, 2 hours before our meeting was due to start, we received a message that our planned visiting speaker had been taken into hospital that day. Whoops – panic!

After a few hurried text messages, club stalwarts Ron Henry and Peter Maguire kindly came to the... ...more

Change to the 2019-2020 programme


As was mentioned in the meeting yesterday, some small changes have been made to the club's programme for the current season.

The affected dates are 8th October, 22nd October, and 19th November, as follows... ...more

Vice-presidential prattle: The House of 100 Windows


Keith Suddaby of Morpeth Camera Club was our first external speaker. Keith presented his talk on the House of 100 Windows.

The title turned out to be a metaphor for how we see things in our own minds eye and how this can be used to frame and compose our images. Keith commenced with how his father, a graphic artist and designer, had a vision for... ...more

Vice-presidential prattle: the President's night


The season kicked off with our President, David Cottrell, presenting an informative lecture on the how the eye and the camera see things, sometimes the same, but sometimes differently, and how we as photographers can exploit this. Given that David was previously an eye surgeon, he spoke with some knowledge of exactly... ...more

Club website content update


Information on several website content updates, and an important reminder about where to go for the start of the season [clue: it's not the Millstone] ...more