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President's Prattle - Joan Hall: "Behind the scenes of Fantasy Fashion Photography"


We were all looking forward to Joanne Coates coming tonight to give us her presentation on “Island Living, Rural Life and Fishing – a Photographic Journey”, which had to be cancelled early in October when she was taken into hospital at short notice. Unfortunately however... ...more

President's Prattle: "My View of the World"


We were really lucky this evening to have Phil Benton to come to give us his talk and show us some fabulous photos. Phil only took up photography 10 years ago but has developed it into a successful professional career – not easy these days - selling lots of... ...more

President's prattle: Results of PDI Competition Round 1 (judge: Dave Murrell)


This evening we had the judging of our first PDI competition of the season, postponed from 8th October as the judge had found himself unavailable then. Dave Murrell did an excellent job of providing... ...more

President's prattle: Ray Cole Memorial Lecture


Richard Spiers: “Composition and Working with Light”

We can always rely on Richard Spiers to “give us our money’s worth” when he visits the club, and this evening was... ...more

President's prattle: Print Assessment - Beaufort Images


A change of programme for tonight’s meeting had been announced a few weeks ago, as the judge scheduled to present the results of our first Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition of the year had found that he was... ...more

President's Prattle: A last-minute programme change!


At about 5.30pm, 2 hours before our meeting was due to start, we received a message that our planned visiting speaker had been taken into hospital that day. Whoops – panic!

After a few hurried text messages, club stalwarts Ron Henry and Peter Maguire kindly came to the... ...more

Change to the 2019-2020 programme


As was mentioned in the meeting yesterday, some small changes have been made to the club's programme for the current season.

The affected dates are 8th October, 22nd October, and 19th November, as follows... ...more

Vice-presidential prattle: The House of 100 Windows


Keith Suddaby of Morpeth Camera Club was our first external speaker. Keith presented his talk on the House of 100 Windows.

The title turned out to be a metaphor for how we see things in our own minds eye and how this can be used to frame and compose our images. Keith commenced with how his father, a graphic artist and designer, had a vision for... ...more

Vice-presidential prattle: the President's night


The season kicked off with our President, David Cottrell, presenting an informative lecture on the how the eye and the camera see things, sometimes the same, but sometimes differently, and how we as photographers can exploit this. Given that David was previously an eye surgeon, he spoke with some knowledge of exactly... ...more

Club website content update


Information on several website content updates, and an important reminder about where to go for the start of the season [clue: it's not the Millstone] ...more