Photographic clubs and societies

North Yorkshire and South Durham Photographic Association
Northern Counties Photographic Federation
Open Photographic Society
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Royal Photographic Society Northern Region

Photograph collections- mostly North East

Flickr including Angels of the North group, Newcastle group, North East of England group, Northumberland group
Graeme Peacock Photographic Imagery

Joe Cornish
Mike Kipling Photography
Northern Horizons Photography

Photographic websites - reviews, news, forums, tips

Top Photography Sites - directory of websites

Digital Photography Now
Digital Photography Review
Imaging resource

Steve's DigiCams

Law and photographers

Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK
The UK Photographers Rights Guide v2 also downloadable as a PDF
I'm a photographer not a terrorist
Photography and copyright
Plagiarism in Photography...Towards a Code of Conduct - a PDF file from the NCPF site

Printing and other services

Colorworld (North Shields)
Digitalab (Stepney Bank, Newcastle)
ProAm Imaging (Bradford)


Photographer's ephemeris - combines the times of sunrise/sunset or twilight, or when the moon is in a particular place in a particular phase with a topographical map.

Tutorials, videos

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Wendi E.M.Scarth
Cambridge in colour: a learning community for photographers - tools, tutorials, forums.
Janee's Photoshop Tutorials
Lightroom videos on YouTube
Photoshop videos on YouTube

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