Programme 2018-2019

September 2018
Tue 4President's night – David Cottrell
Tue 11Droning On – Ian Britton
Tue 18British and European Wildlife - Michael Watson [Entries for PDI Competition Round 1]
Tue 25Members’ night – Images of Summer
October 2018
Tue 2Tea and elephants in Sri Lanka - Harry McAtominey
Tue 9Results: PDI Competition Round 1 – Judge: Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b
Tue 16Of Life and Land - Lucy Saggers[Entries for Print Competition Round 1]
Tue 23My World in Black and White - Gerald Chamberlin EFIAP, DPAGB
Tue 30B&W Editing in Lightroom - Mary Naughton [Entries for the Newcomers and Knockout Competitions]
November 2018
Tue 6Results: Print Competition Round 1 – Judge: Joseph Duffy LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB
Tue 13Pole to Pole - Keith Snell EFIAP, LRPS, PPSA[Entries for PDI Competition Round 2 – Seascape]
Tue 20Photoshop panel - Bob Campion
Tue 27Results: Newcomers & Knockout Competition – Judges: members & Ron Henry
December 2018
Tue 4Results PDI Competition Round 2 – Judge: George Ledger ARPS, DPAGB[Entries for Print Competition Round 2]
Tue 11Ray Cole Memorial Lecture: Lakeland Perspective - John Gravett AFIAP, ARPS, DPAGB, BPE4*
Tue 18Christmas special: quiz, buffet and festivities
Tue 25No Meeting - Merry Christmas
January 2019
Tue 1No Meeting - Happy New Year
Tue 8Results: Print Competition Round 2 – Judge: Jim Welsh LRPS, CPAGB
Tue 15Pinhole Photography – Arjun Nambiar
Tue 22Beneath an Eastern Sea – Ian Cartwright FRPS
Tue 30Print with Confidence - Colin Hulley, Permajet [Entries for PDI Competition Round 3]
February 2019
Tue 5Members' night - Pecha Kucha
Tue 12Discovering Vietnam - Sue Hingley ARPS [Entries for Set Subject and Nature Competitions]
Tue 19Results: PDI Competition Round 3 – Judge: Bill Broadley [Entries for Print Competition Round 3]
Tue 26Themes and Concepts - Carol Palmer ARPS / Leo Palmer FRPS, APAGB, FPSA, GMPSA
March 2019
Tue 5Results: Set Subject Competition - Judge: Richard Spiers DPAGB BPE2* APAGB
Tue 12An engaging Evening with... - John Devlin ARPS / Mike Berry ARPS [Entries for Portrait and Outings Competitions]
Tue 19Results: Print Competition Round 3 – Judge: David Hall ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3*
Tue 26Members' night - Group Presentations [Entries for Panorama Competition]
April 2019
Tue 2Results: Portraits and Outings Competitions – Judge: David Stout DPAGB, EFIAP, PPSA
Tue 9Results: Panorama and Print Panel Competitions – Judges: Peter Maguire (Panorama); Members (Print Panel).
Tue 16Results: Nature Competition - Judge: Richard Spiers DPAGB BPE2* APAGB
Tue 24Annual General Meeting
Tue 30Presentation Night